Come and see! John Chapter 1 devotional 01/02/2017

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Come and see! In the first chapter of the Gospel of John we see Philip approaching his friend Nathanael proclaiming, he has found the Christ, and he is Jesus of Nazareth. Nathanael quickly responds by asking if any good could possible come from Nazareth. Now at this point you might expect Philip to get out his notes or pull up … Read More

Truthfed website was brought down, and wont be going back up…

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Greetings friends, The Truthfed website was brought down last night by the hosting company I was using.  They claimed the site was using to many resources and needed to be brought down. As someone who has built websites and work with hosting companies for years, I can tell you with confidence that very little resources were actually being used. … Read More

Prophecy Is Coming Alive – 2017 To Be The Craziest Year Yet?

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The prophecies predict that in the last days, men’s heart’s would grow cold, (Matthew 24:12) and that mockers would come scoffing at the watchman and those who claim that Jesus is coming soon saying, where is his coming? (2 Peter 3:3) The prophecies predict that sexual immorality would return, like the days of Lot. Jesus said it would also be like … Read More

The book of Enoch. Is it scripture? Should it be in the Bible cannon?

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The book of Enoch. Is it scripture? Should it be in the Bible cannon? I say, who cares..? The book is regarded by early church fathers, several sects of Christianity and Judaism as valuable and insightful for understanding biblical history. Particularly related to pre-flood history. Let’s also not forget that the book is alluded to by Peter and quoted directly … Read More