The day of the Lord is near, what should we expect next..? When They Say Peace & Safety, Sudden Destruction Will Follow

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There is no doubt we living in the last days. These are the days leading up to the final climax of human history that ends with what’s known in scripture as “the day of the LORD.” The day of Jacobs trouble or most commonly known, the Great Tribulation. Many signs and prophecies are being ¬†fulfilled right before our very eyes. … Read More

Come and see! John Chapter 1 devotional 01/02/2017

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Come and see! In the first chapter of the Gospel of John we see Philip approaching his friend Nathanael proclaiming, he has found the Christ, and he is Jesus of Nazareth. Nathanael quickly responds by asking if any good could possible come from Nazareth. Now at this point you might expect Philip to get out his notes or pull up … Read More

Truthfed website was brought down, and wont be going back up…

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Greetings friends, The Truthfed website was brought down last night by the hosting company I was using. ¬†They claimed the site was using to many resources and needed to be brought down. As someone who has built websites and work with hosting companies for years, I can tell you with confidence that very little resources were actually being used. … Read More