Learn Biblical Hebrew: Getting Started

Have you ever wanted to read and write in the Biblical Hebrew language? While all you need to completely understand the Word of God is a King James Bible. Learning Biblical Hebrew can increase your understanding of the old testament. (Please beware, of movements that suggest you need to become a Jew, and observe the law of Moses to be saved. From such, turn away! You will run into these types of people when looking into these things.)

Below you will find resources, videos and training to help you learn Hebrew basics and get you on your way to reading, writing and speaking Biblical Hebrew!

Free Online Biblical Hebrew Course

Hebrew Grammar 1 by Dr. Barrick (first video of this series is below) <— Highly recommended by Shawn


Lecture 1: Biblical Hebrew Grammar I – Dr. Bill Barrick

Continue to lesson 2 etc..


Hebrew Bible for English readers. (This is a must have if your studying Biblical Hebrew).